Slow days at work... (TF2 Engie)

Was bored, I know TF2 sleeping scenes has been popular lately, so I decided to try my hand at one.

Tell me what ya think.


Don’t like the text and the blur, the rest is quite nice.

-snip- Fixed my text problem

Come on people give me some comments! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it, Artistic for you.

It looks like he has cum dripping out of his mouth. :eng101:

Wow, a little of a dirty mind huh… well hes sleeping and heads tilted over my vote is drool… Grow up a little :slight_smile:

how did you make the dispenser with the screen?
i never found any dispenser entity that has the glowing screen


yeah i photoshoped the screen on there had to go ingame get a ss of a working one skew it into position set to low opacity erase around and tada! lol

Lol, I noticed the sign saying “Spy!”. Also, he must be very paranoid to be able to hold that wrench while sleep.

:slight_smile: look hard at the wrench I know I did’nt do a great job at the motion “blur” more like streaks, but it’s slipping out of his hand

The engineer’s drool is pretty nicely done, I can’t draw liquids for shit.

And I love how the sign says “SPY!”, :v:

Defense fail!