Slow down Viewpunch (or do it yourself?)

Is there an easy way to use **[Player.ViewPunch](** and slow down the player’s view movement? If not, does anyone happen to know if Player.ViewPunch is defined anywhere viewable? (Searching through luabin doesn’t turn up anything useful, so I’d guess not.)


In retrospect, the thread title is actually freakin’ retarded.


local SlowDown = CurTime() + 10

Player:ViewPunch(math.Clamp(SlowDown - CurTime(),0,SlowDown))


That function is shared? Hmm…that seems like it will be abused quite a bit.

Not sure what this is. Are you suggesting that I ViewPunch every frame? (Also, ViewPunch takes and angle argument, ie Angle(math.Clamp(SlowDown - CurTime(), 0, SlowDown), 0, 0))

Don’t get too excited, it doesn’t do anything on the client. :frown: