Slow Download Time HELP

I used to DL files off at 500+ kb/s, but now it is below 50 kb/s what has happened?
Is it where i am?
Location: UK

No. aperntly the host site for is overlaoded or something. your lucky to be getting 50 kb/s from that site, most people only get <10kb/s.

Heh. Count yourself lucky. I dont get over 50kb/s download on anything ;(

Im currently downloading a 21Mb file at 2kb/s. I will be able to enjoy this addon in 2 hours 21 minutes according to firefox.

your avatar matches with your post.

thats why i get evrything thru svn its faster. you can find svn links here

I tried to download a file that’s only 600.77 kb and it said that it would have been finished in 5 hours according to Google Chrome

All maps I’m trying to download at the moment take a hour to download.