Slow Downloads

I’m getting like 1-3 kb/s rates from anything i try to dl and get perfect rates from say fpsbanana which is or should get over 600 kb/s - 1.1 MB/s or least decent ya know…just wondering if there is a trick here lol…

just bought gmod so im fresh

Download from where?

…from all the mod and addons and map pack connected to this fourms and site…

Same here. It was working fine yesterday.

well it hasnt at all for me yesterday it didnt work either… so i donno sucks now.

they went through a server change (old one was too expensive or something), and now they have bad speeds.

so is there another site for downloads?

FPSbanana is a file site for skins and there are some addons there.

SVN is a good option. Most large downloads on the .org are packs of stuff, so they get updated every once and a while.

Wiremod, PHX, Spacebuild (models, gamemode, etc.), Stargate, etc. are all things with SVN’s

The Garry’s Mod Wiki list of SVN’s

-quickest snip evar-

yea thanks alot for the info very thankful indeed awesomeness


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Carlisle, if you don’t see an image in my post, you have problems accessing

He could have blocked the image?

weird, I don’t recall every blocking anything on Facepunch with AdBlock.

oh well, problem solved. Thanks lavacano/Omolong