Slow File Downloading?


Just today, after the new patches have came out I’ve noticed a huge difference in downloading speeds of files from servers.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that, doesn’t matter what server I join, it makes me re-download files I may have downloaded already by previously joining that server.

Is there any console commands I need to enter to fix these very slow download speeds? It would appear as it is downloading one file every 10 seconds, when I use to download several a second last week…

I’ve re-installed Garry’s Mod & counter-strike source by completing removing STEAM and nothing changed…

Thanks for any help.

It’s the server’s fault, probably because they don’t have a FastDl set up, just contact the server owner guys, and tell them to fix it.

We’ll, that is what I thought the issue was… but it happens on every server.

Another thing I notice is, that it takes forever to download all the files (takes like 10 seconds even per LUA file…) but once it’s complete it will say , missing maps “map name” and disconnect me.

But the funny thing is, when I download the map from the web, and put it in my maps folder and try to re-join, it gives me a different error saying something about my cl_downloadfilter option being wrong, when I’ve never even touched that command…

Any ideas?

Thanks thus far.

Well that’s weird, I think you should re-install GMod, all I can think of as of right now.

Thanks for the help Mr. Mow, but I’ve already tried that twice…

Anyone else have suggestions?

Thanks again.