Slow internet while playing rust? FIXED!

I recently stumbled upon a fix to an issue that I have had for a long time while playing Rust.
Every time I would refresh the server list I would experience huge lag and my internet browser would become unusable.
I’m sure that this effects quite a few of you, so here are the steps to fix it.

Open Steam, go to Settings.
Click the “In-Game” tab.
At the bottom it will say “In-Game server browser: Max pings / minute”
Set this value to 1500 or lower and your lag should be greatly reduced!

I prefer going hardcore mode

Thanks, This helped me out, Working much faster now!

I just downloaded a few more mb/s from my IP’s site and from there on it was fine.

I really appreciate your suggestion. Thanks a lot; it worked.

I generally just avoid using the server browser altogether… I just use the console to connect, that way there’s zero lag from the browser running in the background.