Slow-Mo bullet

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this turned out wayyyyyy better than i expected :buddy:


Brush, or copy pasta evidence around the gun part.

looks good
nice job

damn, thats a good eye you’ve got there. i had to get right up on my screen to see that. And yes, thats from the copy pasta smoke i used :v:

By chance do you have a CRT Screen?

it’s…Okay, I guess 7/10

IF it was slow motion, the bullet wouldn’t have any motion blur.

Look at your death. LOOK AT IT:black101:
Nice work. You captured the bullet time feeling.

the angle looks a bit weird,as if the bullet just started to make a curve…
still,pretty good

no. Its probably just the way my monitor is angled

yea, thats because of the motion blur.

Thanks for the C&C! :biggrin:

Just because it’s in slow motion doesn’t mean the bullet can’t still move relatively quickly.

That looks cool, a bit too opaque tho.