Slow Motion Filming?

Is there a way to film in slow motion with Source Recorder? Every attempt I’ve made resulted in a normal-speed clip.

Edit: host_framerate doesn’t work either.

Slow it down in your video editor?

I would, but it produces jerky slow-mo, filming it in slow motion would make it a lot more desirable.

sv_cheats 1
alias +slowmo “host_timescale 0.2”
alias -slowmo “host_timescale 1”
bind (key) +slowmo

Type all of these in the console 1 at a time, hold down the key you replaced with (key), and you will get a slow motion effect that is completely smooth, like a hi-speed camera.

That doesn’t work, I have tried filming with source recorder with various host_timescale values.

Try and get the bullet time mod or you can just screw Source Recorder and get Camtasia, the best Screen Recorder.

Camtasia is for recording your desktop, not your games.

Camtasia works for recording games, it even records without framerate draw backs.


@ OP: are you sure you did sv_cheats 1?

I know there is a addon that has something like this. I will tell you when I remeber.

Don’t listen to this guy.



Yeah I am, I made sure of that.

Camtasia works great, I can even record AVP gameplay flawlessly. If you haven’t used Camtasia, you really have no idea.

Be sure you’re doing sv_cheats 1, host_timescale THEN host_framerate

and then it should work

I did do all of that, in that order, no dice.

You could always try raising or lowering host_framerate, play with it, maybe that will work.

Done that as well, doesn’t do anything at all. Lower than 30 fps, it goes fast if I remember correctly, but at 120 it didn’t go any slower than at 30.

ASSUMING you’re using the TGA method, record your footage at double the framerate you want it to be, then in VirtualDub, select the “normal” framerate

e.g. you record at 60 and tell virtualdub to put 30fps for half the speed

I am not using VirtualDub, I’m actually using “startmovie (filename) avi”.