"slow motion time!" and "team forever"

team forever:

This project was cut because i wanted to upload it quickly for a kind of contest, and if i have enough of thumbs up i will maybe make a longer version


slow motion time!:

This is a test of some effects i found pretty nice, and i need opinions about if i should use more of this, or not.

Those are actually a LOT better than I thought it would be. Mostly Team Forever or whatever.

i didnt like it because it was bad

if you want more detail
it was cheesy and barely as emotional as you were trying to get it and the animation was pretty bad due to a lack of filters that apparently nobody uses

and the second video is just you running around with an ar2 that shoots pretty lights with host_timescale set a little smaller than 1

Team Forever had some pretty smooth animations, good work.

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Oh wow, just realized how old this thread is, weird that it’s on the front page.

Team Forever was awesome you should keep up the good work!