Slow Motion

In my map there is an area where you’re in a car and you take a jump, long story short. Is it possible to have it go slow motion for that area. It’s a single player map


Use point_servercommand and add an output to a trigger_once/multiple “OnTrigger->point_servercommand->command->host_timescale .5”

Did I do it right?

You did. Just make sure to turn it back to 1 again. Also, if you want proper slow motion, do the mat_motion_blur_strength command aswell, put that to 10, the mat_motion_blur_forward_enabled 1, and timescale to 0.25.

Thanks Legend, I forgot about setting it back.

If you want a smooth ramp in you can several commands with a delay.

Sorry I forgot to say it didn’t work
How the hell did I forget

Use OnTrigger instead of OnStartTouch?

I’ll try
Agh still not

Just ran a quick test and it looks like you need sv_cheats enabled to use host_timescale. You should be able to enable and disable cheats using the same trigger.

I noticed if you use player_speedmod and jump you tend to go in slow motion.

Is right, I tested it on one of my maps it is actually quite easy to do just make it so the same trigger turns on and off sv_cheats after you do the timescale.