Slow Motion?

I’m making a single player map for Half Life 2, is there anyway to activate slow motion? Like maybe an input/output or a trigger that changes host_timescale.



Just make a trigger that on triggered sends the command string to it with whatever command changes the timescale, host_timescale i guess.

And SweetSwifter, do you think just typing “point_clientcommand” is gonna help much if he doesn’t know how to use it?

Would I have to make it turn cheats on as well?

hmm… never changed timescale myself, but if the command has sv_ in front of it then definitely yes. If not… well, just go test. Have you used the command in game with cheats off? if you have then u don’t have to; if you’ve had to turn cheats on yourself, then yes, you should have it turn on cheats before the timescale is changed.

yes, i think the slow command is phys_timescale, not sure

host_timescale does require cheats activated.

sv_Gravity 1 <-- no need to switch sv_cheats 1
After map change, makes things fall slooooooooooooooooooooowly
Also then after restart turn SV_GRAVITY to 800 back so u will jump with same height as before changing it to 1 and things still will be falling slooooooooooooooooowly

600 is the default gravity value. :v:

And with that method, everything you touch will still move at the same speed, everything you launch will fly waaaaaay too far, almost never coming back down, and all guns and enemies will still fire and move at the same speed. Grenades will keep going up or may just float about horizontal if you “drop” them and be completely unusable (unless you base some sort of puzzle around it). No offense, but that wont equal anything near slow motion.

Really? I may just save that for later. Thanks. (Yes I realize it was for the OP but I found it useful as well)

phys_timescale changes the PHYSICS timescale. (how fast a barrel moves, etc.)
It, unlike host_timescale, does not require cheats and doesn’t mess with gravity.

Copy -> Paste in Admin Room thread.
That mod sounds like it’d be fun with some slowmo, post pics?

I think I read somewhere on fp that func_physbox also could make slow motion?

Um, what? I think you may be confused.

I’m afraid it’s not a mod, I just want slow motion to turn on once you kill a certain enemy ^^