Slow rad loot respawn rate?

Title says it all. People on my server have been wondering/complaining about the rad loot being much slower than “usual.” I personally notice a lot of barrels, but agree that there are no crates. I only found one in the few weeks that I’ve been on the server. It’s not populated enough yet for them to have been cleared out every day. The plugins I have are the following:

AutoDoorCloser, Clans, CraftingController, DeathNotes, EventManager, GatherManager, HelpText, LimitedLadders, Compass, Teleportation, Time, NoDecay, Notifier, PluginList, PrivateMessage, QuickSmelt, Remover, SignArtist, StackSizes, Updater, ZoneManager

Note that a few of these mods weren’t included before when the loot still seemed low to respawn (Again besides the barrels) such as ZoneManager, Updater, and a few others.

Anyone know why this is? Possible fix?

Is your server up to date? This was fixed a couple of server hot fixes ago.