Slow Vehicles and hud

I’m tired of trying to find a solution for my problems, but now I have two problems, one is that I can’t get rid of this hud at the bottom left of my screen, and two is that all of my vehicles is very slow, and there wheels is half buried.

By Gefer8 at 2009-08-17

By gefer8 at 2009-08-17
Yes the vehicle in that picture is a vehicle and is usable, not a model. The problem is not the body, but the wheels.

The hud is as far as I know, an addon. There may be one destroying your vehicles too.
My only advice, and this is my advice to everyone, is…

Don’t Download A Million Addons!

I have only downloaded these

By gefer8 at 2009-08-17

Try removing vehicleUpgrade. And im not sure about hud then. Sorry. I wish I could help more.

I know what the hud that I don’t want. It’s called drool hud.