Slower load Times.

Hey, Facepunch Boys and girls…I am have’in odd problems. Recently, I was loading as fast as Team Fortress 2, as in, when my loading hits Sending Client Info, it nicely goes into the game without pausing unless the map was changing or the damn server was restarting. When I play Gmod, it loads up nice and good. When I go to a Gmod server, it loads up nicely as well. But when it hits Sending Client Info stage, it stops for a few 30-50 seconds. Then it continues. After that, when I enter a server (not a TTT server), my game freezes for a few more seconds, then unpauses. Any help on that?

It’s called GMod, Get used to it

It has to load up a load more files, Theres nothing you can do, Just go have something to eat while you wait

Could’ve beeen more civil about the post rather than be an ass…

He told you the truth.

gmod - it usually depends on your mounted games and addons.

Tf2, its a bit more crammed due to all of the new FTP players, so there may be a factor of your loading times.

Some servers are junked up with tons of lua scripts, and lua is not exactly the fastest way to do things, and yeah, Garry’s Mod is bad about breaking with updates, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was poorly optimized, the pause at sending client info has always been the case with me.