SlowHUD Version 1.0


Download: Purchase On Coderflow! (Moved From Github)

Today i have a neat HUD for you guys, This is meant for custom gamemodes or anything that doesnt need more than armor and health, later on i will be releasing a DLC for DarkRP
this HUD displays the following:

Pointshop Points

This HUD is fully customizable from displays to Colour!
Code For Customization:

ShowHP = true -- Show Players Health
ShowARM = true -- Show Players Armor
ShowName = true -- Show Players Name
ShowSteam = true -- Show Players SteamID
ShowKills = true -- Show Players Kills
ShowDeaths = true -- Show Players Deaths
ShowPoints = true -- Show Pointshop Points

// Colour
// Main Body
mb_r = 0 -- Main Body RED
mb_g = 0 -- Main Body GREEN
mb_b = 0 -- Main Body BLUE
mb_a = 60 -- Main Body OPACITY (Alpha)

// Stat Body
sb_r = 0 -- Stat Body RED
sb_g = 0 -- Stat Body GREEN
sb_b = 0 -- Stat Body BLUE
sb_a = 60 -- Stat Body OPACITY (Alpha)

// Healthbar
hb_r = 255 -- Healthbar RED
hb_g = 0 -- Healthbar GREEN
hb_b = 0 -- Healthbar BLUE
hb_a = 100 -- Healthbar OPACITY (Alpha)

// Armorbar
ab_r = 0 -- Armorbar RED
ab_g = 0 -- Armorbar GREEN
ab_b = 255 -- Armorbar BLUE
ab_a = 100 -- Armorbar OPACITY (Alpha)

Here is also a short video showing The HUD

Coming Soon:
Player Info Above Heads
Ammo HUD
DarkRP Support

Enjoy! :zoid:

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Finally Got The Video Up!

Now Moving To Coderflow!!!

This is the place for releases, not advertising your script so you can make money.

I’m gonna be honest, how long did this take you to create?
It looks like a draw.RoundedBox, a few if statements and division for the health and armor bars (draw.RoundedBoxes or surface.DrawRects again) and the rest is draw.SimpleText (or surface.DrawText). The stats bar on the side? More of that. You say the ammo display is COMING SOON. A HUD without an ammo display is a great buy for sure. Also DarkRP DLC…

Very creative and complex.

Alright, I guess I’m only saying all this because you decided to ask for money for this. If it was open source, I’d say, “Fine, you’re learning.” But something this basic shouldn’t be for sale.

Sorry but I can’t take this seriously mostly cause of this:

it was originally released here but then i eventually uploaded to coderflow

plz no.

What, instead of releasing something that took 15 minutes for free, you release it on a script selling site for 5 bucks?

No thanks.

I mean it’s Meh. but I wouldn’t pay for it.

Nice leaked version of my Chatbox you have there on that video MaccyD.

it isnt leaked

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and secondly i was on my friends server

Edit: 10 minutes to write it and then another 10 to tweak the values and fonts to make it identical to yours… I’ve got nothing against script selling and nothing against people learning gLua but when you sell a script that looks like you just learned Lua, you are ripping people off and its insulting. On the off chance your screenshot is outdated, tell me what you added and I’ll throw it onto this script too. Because nobody should have to pay for a HUD like that.

if SERVER then

surface.CreateFont( "MaccyD", {
	font = "Arial",
	size = 20,
	weight = 500,
	antialias = true,
} )

function GAMEMODE:HUDPaint()	
	local w = 300
	local h = 100
	local x = 30
	local y = ScrH() -  h - 15
	-- Main hud
	draw.RoundedBox( 0, x, y, w, h, Color( 0, 0, 0, 100 ) ) 
	draw.DrawText( LocalPlayer():Nick(), "MaccyD", x + 5, y + 5, color_white )
	local tW, tH = surface.GetTextSize("Energy")
	local tY = y + h - tH - 10
	draw.DrawText( "Health ", "MaccyD", x + 5, tY, color_white )
	draw.RoundedBox( 0, x + tW + 20, tY, w/3*2, 15, Color( 255, 80, 80, 200 ) ) 
	tY = y + h - (tH*2) - 10
	draw.DrawText( "Energy ", "MaccyD", x + 5, tY, color_white )
	draw.RoundedBox( 0, x + tW + 20, tY, w/3*2, 15, Color( 80, 255, 80, 200 ) ) 
	w = 125
	h = 100
	x = 10
	y = 100
	-- Stats box
	draw.RoundedBox( 0, x, y, w, h, Color( 0, 0, 0, 100 ) ) 
	local tW, tH = surface.GetTextSize("Stats")
	draw.DrawText( "Stats:", "MaccyD", x + 5, y + 8, color_white )
	draw.DrawText( "Kills: "..LocalPlayer():Frags(), "MaccyD", x + 5, y + (tH) + 8, color_white )
	draw.DrawText( "Deaths:"..LocalPlayer():Deaths(), "MaccyD", x + 5, y + (tH*2) + 8, color_white )
	if LocalPlayer().PS_GetPoints then
		draw.DrawText( "Points: "..LocalPlayer():PS_GetPoints() , "MaccyD", x + 5, y + (tH*3) + 8, color_white )

local hud = {"CHudHealth", "CHudBattery", "CHudAmmo", "CHudSecondaryAmmo"}
function GAMEMODE:HUDShouldDraw(name)
   for k, v in pairs(hud) do
	  if name == v then return false end

   return true

I agree with exho even though that’s one of the worst ways possible to make a HUDShouldDraw function.

Posted on a thread about a making a call of duty gamemode. Hmm.
Oh hey look the gamemode in the video happens to be a call of duty gamemode! strange…

I’ve never understood why loading screens + huds insist on displaying your SteamID

For the most part, it’s to help the majority of the players who have no idea how to find it.

I prefer to display it on a menu (on top of displaying name and avatar) to make the menu feel more… personal?

IMO they do it on HUDs/loading screens to fill up space.

OP, you were told in your ping kicker release to stop using global variables for things

Please, please start listening to people as you’ve done it again here. I can tell you’re new to this and we only want to help you improve

I gave you two better methods for handling config files instead of doing global variables in your other release thread, check it out

You should put this back on Github and give up on selling it. Trust me, it really isn’t worth selling.