slowing down stopping err spam

im in a server that gets spammed with errs allot, how do i stop these errs from spamming me

what are the errors?

just spammed gamemode errs

Be more descriptive of your problem, we can’t help you if you’re vague.

its an err that spams whenever someone leaves the server, but if you reconnect it goes away

Wait, an error in console? Or a error sign that drops where the person left?

in the console, u know spams the console and spams the right side of the screen

Fix your gamemode then your errors will go away. Simple.

Off topic: Thank you very much for the very useful information, i will be sure to do that after i shove something in my anus

On topic: The gamemode works fine however it just spams an err whenever someone leaves for about 5 min. I want to know if there is a command or something that will slow down or stop the err spam even if it is client side.

Is your O key broken?

Also, if the gamemode is spamming errors, it’s broken.

seems to work just fine