Slowmo Props

I have downloaded spacebuild and most of the recommended addons, including phx3 and the spacebuild model pack. But I have noticed that when I use the physgun to move a spacebuild or phx3 model the models would be stuck in the air or fall down slowly as if in low gravity. Not only that but the models will refuse to move every few seconds if I try and rotate it or position it.

I can’t seem to figure out any fix for this nor could I find any info regarding this matter.

Also, I have just noticed that some of the default props behave similarly.

how about download the weight stool and make it heavier…

Tried but to no effect, the model stays stuck in the air

It’s just a little physics thing. A glitch I might say.

Big models tend to fall down very slowly, and some models have to be spawned in the air so it doesn’t get stuck in the map.