Slug Hover Ship

It’s basically a jet engine with a deck on it.

hohohho that techno makes my ears feel weird

I see homoballs.

Woodchuck, it’s Benny Benassi. My father has this song in his car :v:

Err I wouldn’t mind it, if there were no homoballs

I still don’t get why everyone hates fucking hoverballs.
I’d have to spend like 3 hours with wire getting this fucker to hover and turn properly.

get on the ball!

Everyone hates hoverballs because it makes building aircraft simple. Personally I judge by function and the purpose of any contraption, I’m guessing your hovercraft’s main appeal is the appearance and it looks awesome.

For anyone who saw the hoverballs, we all did. They even have blue trails for cosmetic reasons, yeah blue fucking trails.

well that is why i hate it

you could just use apply force and it will solve all ur problems in a few seconds

hover balls have a tendency to fuck up air friction to the point of uselessness

Homo balls are just the easy way to go. I would rather spend 4 hours instead of 4 mins getting something to fly, if it would work better.

people have a problem with the balls because its not really hard to use them. Though I do admit, I will use the balls for testing purposes to see what something will look like if it stays a certain way. I prefer using very basic wire because I understand how to manipulate my stuff the best in that fashion. I would love to learn E2 stuff, but for now, I’m stuck with beacon sensors, gyros, and other such nonsense.

There’s around 3 very good E2 tutorials on WM.

It’s cool except it has hoverballs.

Hoverballs… other than that, I like the design.

That’s terrible.

I like it, looks nice.

And here we go with the hoverball hate again. If the hoverballs fit with the function of the ship then I really don’t see the problem. A helicopter, you’d want to make a pair of rotors and put thrusters on the bottom (actually pretty easy) or for a plane you just want to stick some high-power thrusters on the back and watch it go.

But since this is a hover ship I can’t see anything wrong with using hoverballs. If you want it to hover near the ground you might want to use wire hoverballs in conjunction with some wire to make them alter the target pos to be near the ground.

it looks cool, but please dont add music to ur next video, its just deelpy annoying.

So do I! is looking it Undomian’s profile pic

It does what it was designed to do, and it looks good doing it. Nice work.

If you set the hoverball air resistance to 0.2, it should handle a lot better. Less sliding sideways.