Sly Cooper Models For: Source Engine (GMOD, SFM)

So…this is my first thread ever, so dont expect anything special.

Now when thats out of the way, lets get to the main point.
I am looking for sly cooper models getting ported to the source engine.

Main models would most likely be:



& Murray

Other characters could be added too (for example: Carmelita) but most likely Sly & the Gang are most important, but its up to the developer/ripper/modeler. (also that which game/games they are taken is up to them)

This thread may be a huge success, or a huge failure.
To be fair it doesn’t really matter to me, main thing for me is that ive put a word out there.

If I have been informed correctly, porting models from PS2/PS3 games is extremely difficult/nigh impossible at this point in time, sorry.

There is always this model:

But I understand if its not the model you’re looking for, sly2/3 versus 4 had completely different art styles.

It might be a good idea to get in contact with the creators of the Last of Us port here:

I haven’t been done this from past years!! Oh god. I usually planning to turn into Gmod and SFM, but seems I’ve a lot of other projects right now.

There’s a Carmelita to download here, but unfortunately not the rest

And unfortunately it’s from the mobile game, so it’s pretty low res.