SMAC (Sinewave Modulated Adjustable Cannon) Teaser Trailer

I had this video laying around on my desktop from a Lua/Modelling project that I am yet to release. I haven’t touched GMod in a while but it was just laying there - so now you can have a sneak peek. :slight_smile: Release date TBA.


It’s kinda weird but cool I guess. How’d you get the npc’s to spawn so fast like that>?

I believe this section is for finished weapon releases only, but it looks nice. It reminds me a fair bit of the Wave Beam as it appears in Metroid Prime.

Youtube is blocked here,so can somebody tell me what tis does?It sounds ubercool.

The video show ancientevil customizing a swep with a derma menu,and actually launch a wave beam like in the metroid games
Like this.

Looks pretty nice. Looking foward to a release.

"The doctor…

IS OUT!!!"

There’s a new thread for it here:

What are you waiting for? :smiley: