SMAC (Sinewave Modulated Adjustable Cannon)

SMAC - Sinewave Modulated Adjustable Cannon

A totally new way to blow your enemies to hell! Everyone LOVES a pulse-orb cannon… how about THREE? This unique gun fires not one, not two but three mini-pulse-orbs that follow a sine wave pattern that YOU CAN CONFIGURE! This gun doesn’t have a clip so it feeds from your AR2 ammo stash as it needs to. Press reload to bring up the in-game configuration panel and tweak the gun to work HOW YOU WANT IT TO. Presets save your settings for later, allowing you to create hundreds of different configurations to suit different situations! Targets all in a line? Make it fire tighter and faster! Targets all spread out? Design your own riot control preset! It’s even possible (with a few careful settings and adjustments) to create a pulse-orb barrier!

Enough reading already, GO HURT SOMETHING!
Click here if the image above doesn’t work


I think the zombies are having a good time… I know I am…:smiley:

Inset: Oooooh! Pretty! Main: I like shooting Breens in a line, three at a time…hums a tune

I’ll post a better explanation of the controls later. For now, just fiddle around and don’t forget to be VIOLENT!

2 thread?
Looks awesome

Yeah - the other one was supposed to be a WIP/Teaser only… couldn’t find where to put it. Meh. This is the real slim shady right here :slight_smile:

I tried it and it’s awesome,another quality release from ancientevil,keep up the good work.

Yeah… Its nice you finally released it, im gunna… stop being upset by shooting stuff now.

Flattery will get you everywhere - thanks - you have confirmed that I did indeed upload the proper working version. I can sleep now. He he he.


Aw, c’mon kitty - come over here and cough up a furball. Are those nasty zombines getting to you? :slight_smile:

Wave beam from Metroid Prime / metroid much?

I will admit a slight inspirational source of the same name. It was the first NES game I ever played :slight_smile: The actual source of initial inspiration was far less interesting, however, and consisted of one deranged lunatic staring at a three-phase power socket too long. Ha ha ha hoo hee… er… where’s my bacon at?

I have to say this one of the best SWep’s I’ve seen a long time. Good job, too bad we don’t have LUA Kings anymore.

I’ve made a small modification to this which you can change the number of balls. Good job on this weapon and it’s coding though, that made it easy to modify.

Good thing you released this. Needs a better model tough.

Angle not by radians? Argh, I have to convert.



That’s always the idea. Thanks for noticing. Careful on the number of balls, though - it was designed so that the balls move in a way that they never collide (no fair using no-collide) :slight_smile:


If you look in the models folder, there is one on the bench but it’s not ready yet. It needs to be rotated and fixed and I just thought… “Nah, fuck it” - You guys can play with the gun and have addictive fun until I am ready to finish that part.


He he he - a purist! :slight_smile: Yeah, I know. The API is a little funny on that and it made a bit more sense to leave it in degrees rather than Pi. :slight_smile: But if you want to add a switch to change the GUI to use radians, be my guest!

No kill crediting?

Awesome but as said before, needs a better model

Read above!


Should work. The screenshots are from a while back.

EDIT: Does work. Had a play tonight. It’s so theraputic to wipe out armies of zombies without even moving from their front line… And Breen ALWAYS deserves to die.

Just a thought - if anyone makes any interesting orb pattern screenies they would like to post, go right ahead (be sure to post the settings to get them too). One of my faves is the tight but wide figure eight patterns that act as a slowly advancing orb-barrier. Spawn a line of npcs… standard or fast zombies… or … anything, really… and stand back. Not many get through :slight_smile: Then there’s the standard (default) primary fire shot… Ok. Fine. I love them all. I can’t choose favourites amongst my children… :smiley:

Hope everyone’s out there hurting something!

What is the configuration for the pulse orb barrier please???

Well, this is what I am using at the moment - it’s not perfect but it creates a lateral figure eight pattern that is very fast and thin (have a look using noclip from above once you’ve fired it) - it also moves very slow (the orbs move fast but the whole thing moves slow).

I translated this from the preset file:

Angle: 135
Flatten: ON
Rotation Speed: 25.28 (but I don’t think that matters…can’t remember, CBF to check)
Forward Velocity: 0
Frequency: 10
Function: Sine
Orb Velocity: 5400

I think I made a better one and didn’t save it… Anyhow, have fun!

Thank you :smiley: