Smack Down (Quake 3-inspired TF2 DM map)

Here’s a download link for beta 1.

If you, by any chance, want to run this map on your server for playtesting, be sure to hand me the IP so I can join in.

My main issue with it is this. It looks like a quake 3 map. Whilst the id engine used for quake 3 was good, times have moved on. Probably doesn’t help that it looks like you don’t have aa on.

It looks like a Quake 3 map because that’s the aesthetic I wanted to recreate. I’ll add more detail to the geometry later, of course, but first I want to make sure gameplay is 100% solid. It’s still a beta, after all.

The problem is, all your maps are beta.

Well… you should never be happy with your map, always thinking there’s something you could add.

Well maybe not ever happy, but you know…

Nothing wrong with that. As Zach said, many of my maps are still in beta because I don’t want to release final versions of maps that still have issues. When a map’s gameplay receives enough feedback for me to significantly improve on it, I’m ready to finalize it and make a final release.

You rarely finalize them though. You release a beta, and then move onto a new one. Your maps are quite good and could be much better if you actually worked on them after releasing the “beta”. Or you could just be using beta as an excuse.

Perhaps I should try harder to get more feedback and get more people to playtest so that I can, indeed, finalize more maps.