Small and unproffesional picture

SOOOOO i looked at pictures here and i got inspired by like this theme: defeat and suicide.
Heres to main story:
After a long call at the US military they sent some S.W.A.Ts to the icy hills.
After they got there alot of them spread around and tried to find the callers.
When everyone was told to regroup at top a sad sight was show’n!
Everyone had been transformed into zombies and monsters, the last S.W.A.T fires his pistol but it didt seem to affect them alot, then he ran out of ammo and threw a grenade.
A Helicopter was sent to overlook but got hit by the ice and other things and ending up crashing.

There was no survivors

looks like a JRPG fighting scene


Japanese Role Playing Game

Sounds like the story for Resident Evil 7, but I don’t know if English isn’t your native tongue but your story leaves a lot to be inspired, the posing is shoddy, its very empty, use a better map, but in the meantime just practice and post here in the mean time

I mean it could be worse, so you have that going for you.

Small and unprofessional… that’s what she said