small change to wounded system


something i experienced the other day, had full stamina, my buddies and i were pissing about with snap traps and constantly set them off on each other, anyway whilst i bled out i ran to my store room where a camp fire was lit, then fell over wounded waiting for revival, but thing is my health was regenerating, so there i lay with my hp increasing still wounded waiting for some helpz from ma friendz but then i died.

im pretty sure what should have happened is even though i was wounded i was healing therefore at some point should have managed to get my own ass off of the floor and live, not just die?

This could then be used like a bandit style, ive been shot robbed then helped up sent on my way, what someone could do is shoot someone rob them drop a camp fire so they heal and be gone almost like a non lethal highway man!

the “comfort” regeneration buff of the campfire will have bugged out the wounded state’s death trigger. interesting:)

i don’t know that you should recover by yourself, but i’d still like for you to be able to act while wounded so you can self revive if you have some healing gear on your hotbar;)