I love rust, it is a fantastic game played over 700 hours on it, around 500 on legacy and 200 on experimental.
However there are a few minor gripes with it at the moment and I have some small ideas probably suggested before on multiple threads that I would presume to be easy to implement or change.
Many of you would say ‘Balances will come in time’ however I think the sooner these are added the more fun the development testing process will be.

Starting on a server can be a very slow process and especially for solo players, one of the first things that annoys me when starting a server is the craft times.

#1 Crafting times for basic items.

Items such as the stone hatchet and stone pickaxe need to have a reduced crafting time. Having to wait 2 minutes in order to craft a stone hatchet shortly after hacking at a tree and rock node with a rock repeatedly can make anyone go insane.
Especially if the player then gets killed by another and has to start again and obtain another hatchet, it really does depress me. Rust is a progression game and it doesn’t need these small gripes to make the progression seems longer especially for newer players with scarce time.
Therefore I would suggest at least halve the crafting time for basic items to 60 seconds or even better 30.

#2 The new research table.

I understand the research table was only recently implemented however I have an issue with it. Mechanics are already quite harsh and expensive for the solo player however I can understand why. But,** if the player wanted to research a relatively cheap item to make i.e. Rad Boots, should it really cost 10 paper for the blueprint as well as the item and its ingredients?** 10 paper * 30 seconds = 300 seconds therefore 5 minutes to craft the 10 paper. The player then also has to gather 1000 wood which also takes time, I study economics and the first term you learn is the term of scarcity (Unlimited wants with limited resources. In Rust terms, time).
I believe to make a blueprint it should only cost 1 paper OR 1 Note instead.

#3 Furnaces

Recently playing on the new hapis island map a group of us began to build in the snow area, we understood it would be cold (-30 at night) however even in our house it was still (-30) I didn’t have a massive problem with this but we had 6 furnaces in one room and sadly they didn’t provide any heat, I’m sure they said they made furnaces give off heat early on in the year but it seems not.
So yeah make furnaces radiate heat to help us inuits :slight_smile:

#4 Durability for metal items!

I’m sure we can all agree the durability for metal hatchets and pickaxes need a buff. It is surprising a stone hatchet can last almost as long if not the same amount of time as a metal hatchet. Again some will say ‘Balances will come’ however durability was added a while ago now and I believe guns got a durability buff recently so lets give these other metal items one too!

#5 Gathering for the metal items…

Not too sure why anyone would bother making any metal items especially a metal hatchet. A metal hatchet is considerably more expensive than a stone hatchet yet it only gathers 5 more wood? A rock gives 10 wood per hit, a stone hatchet gives 20 and a metal hatchet gives 25, can we not make the metal hatchet gather 30 wood? Again this would just make the game less repetitive and mean the player would have to see the swing animation that many fewer times :slight_smile:

#6 Increase chances of a successful research after a 'failed research’
Possibly suggested before. This is self explanatory, after a failed research the percentage of successfully researching an item should increase by 20%, learning from our mistakes?

Some small changes there, maybe not the furnace or reduced crafting times at workbench idea, however it would be nice for devs to give it some thought, they spend lots of time developing the game maybe not as much playing it and I am just here to give some feedback on the dev process and some ways I think they could improve the balancing of it :slight_smile:
I may add more gripes as I think of them hope some of you agree, thanks for reading

  • Elwal

I agree with everything said apart from the lower crafting times around crafting benches unless it only applied to tools and such and not weapons

Sorry dude, I have to disagree with most of that

Metal tools last wayyy longer than stone ones! plus I think the craft times are fine, you just get on with something else for a couple of minutes while your stone hatchet is crafting.

Also, I agree with the current state of the research bench, otherwise you’ll get people maxing out bps in no time! It should be expensive and hard!

but I agree with you on the workbench and furnaces :stuck_out_tongue:

#6 Increase chances of a successful research after a 'failed research’
Possibly suggested before. This is self explanatory, after a failed research the percentage of successfully researching an item should increase by 20%, learning from our mistakes?

  1. I agree that the starter basic tools need to be faster done but they also need to be weaker. Now they are still fairly good.

  2. One paper is too cheap. Personally i think its better that if:

  • Low level items are 2 paper.
  • Mid level items are 5 paper.
  • High level items are 10 paper or more.

I never understood why the research table does not scale. And why the percentage is the same for all items. Its so random in research … I had a bold action research despite several 10 attempts ( with several bold’s ) never give out a BP. I had other items be instant. Its so random its not even funny. Some people getting C4 BP’s on there first attempt and other not even after a dozen …

  1. This is more a survival aspect your talking about. Then i advice to see a other game as a potential solution: ARK: Survival Evolved… Its the only game that i know where they speak of isolation values. If your house has a open wall, your isolation value drops = your body temp drops … Same with a lot of other small details like making poisons, growing foods ( take a long time ), etc … It seems to be more community / survival orientated. Meat goes BAD! You need to use electricity from a generator to run a fridge to keep your meat good. Not like in Rust where it stays good forever in a chest. lol

Do not think of Rust as a survival game. Its not … Its a raiding game.

  1. Metal items are good. They last a extreme long time and get weaker with each repair. Its more the stone items that last way too long.

  2. Agree … the level scaling is something that Rust is not good in.

Wood wall takes 1 C4 to blow.
Stone wall takes 2 C4 to blow.
Armored wall takes 3 C4 to blow.

Yet … armored walls are so resource intensive that you only do it to dump / wast your time upon because you got nothing else to do ( lack of content in Rust beyond a point ).

The same can be said about hatchets etc … having a metal tool is good but its not like its extreme valuable. I am fairly sure that if any of us gets in a survival situation that a metal tool will be cherished extremely. In Rust its … bwaaaaa … can always make a stone one if we lose it out in the wild ( by raiders or whatever ). Most things have little value in the game. Most value items are the raiding tools ( C4 / AK / Rocket etc ). That tells you a lot about a game.

  1. See point 2.

Research is realy realy bad right now… i think 90% players wo use research table are solo players… and solo need a little help after stairs and rocket launcher…

Garry please help us !!! ( a little)

i’d like to add a few points

i think crafting time should be heavily reduced on pretty much everything. like 5 times faster. or make a crafting bench like in legacy, if you stay near it - you craft faster. i don’t really see any point in so long crafting times. most ppl just queue up their crafts and go afk. and you run around on server with 200ppl online and wonder where everyone is.

furnace needs serious rework. first of all, i don’t like that you must have half a dozen of them. second, it consumes way too much wood. you have to constatly grind wood. there is never enough wood. you may have some wood for a while, but you’ll run out of it pretty soon. third, it requeres too frequent maintenance. you have to refill it with wood, refill with ore, gather cooked ore, leave one cooked ore so charcoal won’t take its place, don’t put too much wood in sulfur furnace so cooked sulfur won’t drop when it’s filled. and you have to do it frequantly with all your 6 or so furnaces. this is annoying. loot at the legacy furnace. it didn’t have any of theese issues. fortunately, they mentioned tier2 furnace being developed, i hope that it’s not just same furnace with more space

also i’d like to see stacks to be more valuable. so either just bigger capacity of stack, like from 1000 to 2500, or everything require 2.5 less resources and you gather 2.5 less resources, but stack is still 1000.
btw, i don’t really know why fp decided to decrease value of resource unit in experimental (like 20 legacy wood approximately equal to 200 experimental wood), but i never really liked it (though it’s not really a big issue).

I agree with this, I actually just started playing legacy again after a year and it is so refreshing haha.
Gathering resources is much more satisfying and risky, checking the field to make sure no one is around before sprinting to the log pile. In the new rust resources are everywhere and it is so grindy takes like 40 hits to destroy a tree whereas in legacy it would take something like 15. Don’t get me wrong they are making good progress on the new rust, however I think the dev team need to sit down and actually play the game, i.e. make a house, gather resources, find blueprints for one or two days so that they can get a feel for what needs balancing. Rather than, lets implement maps… okay they work and now add them in. I think there needs to be more quality assurance in the dev team to iron out these balances. Otherwise they are really good at adding new features in, but possibly need to spent more time finishing them to the best standard.

Agree with most of it except wood gathering. Stone hatchet needs a buff to like 30, metal hatchet 50 and salvaged axe 75 imho. Wood is currently the top 1 thing we all do in rust cause it takes 3-4 times more time to gather AND its used for almost all activities (research, building, smelting, guns, raiding, etc.).

30 per hatchet hit would hardly be noticable…