Small Collection of Poses

Everynow and then I post some of my poses from Deviant Art and then show them off to the Facepunch Community even if some of them are crap.

The first one is called Zombie vs Parasite I don’t know what happened to the screenshot but one of the sides are wierd.

This is called Hey Look It’s a Posed Strider! yes I posed the Strider no shit there.

Heavy thought it was time to be fair and he went to Bestbuy to give some Sandviches away and well… The crowd loved them until the Spy stabbed one of them.

Well there is my slamm collection and if you wanna tell me anything about these poses then fire away if you think something is bad then go on.

I won’t flame or get mad I mean it’s only you reviewing my work.

These TBH honest are bad.

The first one is way too dark to see anything
the second one is creepy as fuck
third one is just random

These are really, really, really Shit.


Seriously, I still can’t see what the fuck is going on.

oh gawd…a “parasite” from Gunman Chronicles…


The strider isn’t posed, it’s just statue’d.