Small Comic Project


It’s been a while since my last update for my giant crossover project “WarZone: EARTH”. It is so giant (and therefore so ambitious!) that I’ve decided to focus on a smaller project first, before I continue work on that.

This smaller project will still be a crossover (I’m quite passionate about these kind of things!), but it’ll feature much fewer chracters than I plan to in WarZone: EARTH, with the story more akin to fiction works like The Adventures of Tintin. For those who don’t know it, The Adventures of Tintin is a series of comics created by Belgian artist/writer Hergé, and has been seen in all sorts of media (literature, film/tv, gaming etc.).

Story is still being worked on, but do you guys have any ideas on who should star in this comic?

Sounds interesting, who are thinking that would be the Hero of this one?

And will he be a journalist too?

my dog would be perfect. ill get you in touch with his agent as fast as possible

you should base the character on yourself. the comic can be all text about how he’s going to make a comic but all of the panels will be empty save for text that explains what he might put in that panel.

battlefield: earth was a good film.

i’ve always wanted to see a comic adaptation of the film adaptation of the book. iwish you luck if you need a publisher let me know i have a few connections.


The scene starts with the PROTAGONIST on a clearly not Earth like set, a BATTLE has just occured. the PROTAGONIST is now talking with his WAR FRIENDS

PROTAGONIST: Thank God This War is Finally Over, we Can all go back to all our homes on Earth.

War Friend: Thank God For That

They are interrupted by the RADIO

RADIO: Im Sorry PROTAGONIST, Im afraid the Warzone… is now on Earth…

PROTAGONIST: Informative, radio. Over.

You do realise that WarZone: EARTH is a different project unrelated to this smaller comic, right?

More details here

How could I be so foolish. So what are you looking for? A character to star in your comic? That’s something you gotta figure out for yourself buddy, using a main character from a video game is kinda lame and been done a million times, try to think of something original.

Sorry but I’ve already claimed the copyright on the name WarZone: EARTH and will be issuing a C & D asap. You may be interested to know that the name War Zone Earth is still available.

why isn’t sonichu in that pic?

Where’s Kratos?

im sorry but this is a serious crossover and sonichu isn’t canon.

go fuck yourself slipontikus you damn dirty troll

i’d like to propose a different location for the WarZone?

you might lose many potential readers with WarZone: EARTH.

may i suggest WarZone: MARS? WarZone: URANUS?

thank you for your consideration.

BattleLands: FuckMars

God damn it, benoski. Again?

While I do respect the requests for feedback and the desire to involve the crowd, I think you should just release a comic once and for all. Less thinkin’, more doin’, okay? You’re basically becoming a running gag like this.

Just do it, holy shit.

Stop making threads that have absolutely nothing to show for.

Okay, fine!

FFS, just lock this thread, sOMEBODY!

I will never EVER make another thread until I’ve got something to show. Maybe I shouldn’t do anything at all! I just can’t think of anything to make these comics good, PLUS, I don’t need multiple people bitching at me at the same fucking time!