Small Console Bar

Hi, Everyone i actually created a account lol to post this hello i was wondering if someone could make like a console bar at the bootom of the screen that could be used with ~ so i could just go strait to the console like when you open the console it pauses your game and then wants you exit out of console and then resume your game i’m kinda lazy lol and plus this could be very helpful with some things and would be very nice :stuck_out_tongue: thank you to anyone who make’s would be very nice of you :slight_smile:

You mean like the Unreal games?

What do you mean by the Unreal games o_O the unreal tournament games

When you pressed tab, a one-line console input popped up in the chat area where you could enter one line of console commands.

Uhhh that is kinda what i mean actually probally that is better than what i was imaging yeah that would be very nice if you could do that please or you know someone who can :stuck_out_tongue: thank you very much for helping i hope this is made would be very useful just fast,simple,and easy to access the console bar now without having to do bunch load of crap :stuck_out_tongue: and can you make it where i can enable/disable it please just in case sometimes i feel like using the console right :slight_smile:

Please obtain a “.” key by any means necessary. Your writing gives me a headache.

I’m sorry man,But i have been really lazy right now lol. So I didn’t really fell like doing a lot of paragraphing crap :S.
Well, anyways if you have read the previous conversation with me and ragsul, what i’m trying to say is that can I have a mini console bar at the bottom of the screen.So that I don’t always have to go to the main console bar then exit and get back to the game.I wan’t a small console bar at the bottom of the screen while I play but activated the same way to get to the regular console with the [~],Then type in the console command and strait get back to playing.
So, it will be easier to play but I also wan’t this feature to be enabled/disabled for easy use. I hope my righting wasn’t to sloppy this time so you can read it now :). Well that is all I am requesting, I would be very greatful if you or someone made this for me :D.

local function ccMakePop( )
	local txt
	txt = vgui.Create( "DTextEntry" )
	txt:SetWide( ScrW( ) * .45 )	
	txt:SetPos( ScrW( ) * .025, ScrH( ) - txt:GetTall( ) )
	function txt:OnEnter( )
		print( self:GetValue( ) )
		LocalPlayer( ):ConCommand( self:GetValue( ) .. "
" )
		self:Remove( )
	txt:MakePopup( )

concommand.Add( "/quickc", ccMakePop )

Just bind a key to /quickc to use it.

Uhhhh… I’m a “BIG NOOBIE” at Lua and that crap but do i copy & paste this somewhere? please explain how to use the code i know how to bind keys Thank God :slight_smile: but not lua (don’t know how to put it) code crap

Stick that into a file in lua/autorun/client