Small edit to map in hammer, really small and quick

Hey there!
Can someone very kindly edit this map:

From this:


(They are all photos of the same thing, just from different angles so you can see, they dont need to be exactly there, but in the general area of where they are in the photo)

Red chairs represent Counter Terrorist Spawns, and green chairs represent Terrorist spawns
I want everything facing outwards (The same way the vehicles are facing)
and i want the vehicles to be actual vehicles not models

I hope this is easy enough to do and i hope you understand what i mean

I do no own this map, FirePaw does, i just want a small edit to this map, i am not sure if this is allowed or not?

Is it your map? If not, you’re running head first into some questionable ownership and rights issues

Really? Well, to be 100% clear, i do not own nor did i make this map, i am only looking for a small edit to this fantastic map, i would still give 100% credit to FirePaw (The maker of map) and of coarse i would thank whoever edited the map,

So, me, or no one else can edit this map, without permission from FirePaw?

I think you can edit maps and have them for personal use only. I edited some maps before and as long as it doesn’t get uploaded somewhere like the workshop and claim you made it nothing will happen to you.

you need the original vmf, decompiling fucks everything up

I used to work on maps, unfortunantly you need the raw map file, or vmf, for someone to be able to edit it. It is possible to decompile bsp files, but it’s not worth it… it fucks everything up on the map. Look at it this way, lets say you have a large picture of an empty beach, and you want to put some people in it. So you take some magazines, cut out some people and objects in it, and put them on top of the beach picture. After you put all the people/objects in the
right place, you glue them onto the picture, then take large sheet of thin plastic and glue that on top of it as well, to keep it nice and protected.

Now, lets say some guy comes a long, and see’s something he doesn’t like in the picture, and wants to fix it. To do this, he would have to rip of the plastic sheeting, which would most likely ruin the whole picture. this is kind of like decompiling map.