Small hardware change, BIG problems

Does anyone out there know why my Gmod is acting strange after installing my new Radeon R9 270 Gaming Card. Before I had no graphics card, and both Garry’s Fireworks and the Sound Emitters in Wiremod worked. Now the game crashes when I try to use either. Well the default beeps in the sound emitter work, but none of my imported music. I seems to crash around any addon that needs time to load like some of the weapons and larger NPCs. I’ve reinstalled, varified integrety, removed all addons (except the fireworks where it still crashed), lowered the graphics to the bare minimum, and even cranked my gpu and CPU to the max. Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

I’m running a Dell Inspiron 570, Windows 7 64-bit Home Edition, 6GB ram, CORSAIR CX series CX500 500W, Radeon R9 270 Gaming Card (Overclocked)

Why do you overcloak the thing, it is already most powerful AMD card ever, and you still overcloack it?
Anyway, post crash logs, files themselves.

Thanks for the response! My card came overclocked here are the files:

It seems that you are crashing because of dying while having a bad player model. You console is also flooded with errors, so you might want to get rid of the erroring addons.

Ok will do and report back

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Ok I did a little housekeeping in my addons folder and deleted some subscriptions. I am still getting a crashing error when running Garry’s fireworks. Here is my new log. I also tried fixing the Nav error by rebuilding the map but it didn’t really do anthing. Here is my error log:

Can you try downloading the new update and trying again?

Ok, I am going to delete it from the GmodAddon and redowload

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Alright after a reinstallation of the fireworks plugin I still get a crash on the larger fireworks

Still open to suggestions from anyone, thanks :slight_smile:

do you have the drivers for your new card installed?

If you dont have ur graphics driver that is a huge reason why it crashes. Another thing Uninstall your garry’s mod and reinstall it. See if you still have the same issue. Still got the same issue?

Thanks Newbrict and Mr.MaliciousG for the responses! I’ve uninstalled gmod and reinstalled (via deletion and checking file validity). I’ve updated Catalyst and my driver (via MSI live update) and have went to Device Manager and it says my devices are up to date.

okay. does it work now? Cause mine still doesnt :C

Sorry, no it didn’t work. I asked tech support and they say a new update caused this, but I didn’t have these problems till I updated my hardware. I’m pretty sure it’s a particle error that happens with explosions since I can no longer properly use the Air Vehicles addon since the missiles crash the game. The bombs work perfectly and the turrets work perfectly, but when I try to fire a missile the audio loops and the game crashes. Any advice is welcome.

I am going to roll back to Gmod 11 and see if the problem persists

Ok, so after reinstalling Gmod 11 I have discovered that the Air Vehicle addon works perfectly (minus a few misplaced textures). Missiles fire off and explode effortlessly and no lag or crashing takes place. The physics difference in the physics engine feels obvious and I assume, as so many have already pointed out that the crashes that are taking place may be due to the recent Gmod updates. If you have atatched a new gpu to your machine and are suffering from the 1x1 black squares that seem to show up under heavy loads or at random times I have also contacted the MSI customer support and will paste their instructions below. These instructions are in respect to my card issues which is a R9 270 Gaming Card but these instructions will likely work any other cards as well as I have heard of similar cases on Nvidia cards:

“make sure your mb and it’s bios has fully support for this video card and the mb bios has the latest version. make sure at least 550watt (or whatever your card requires) of power supply has been used. Verify the PCI-E Slot on the mb with another known working video card since the problem might be caused by the defective PCI-E Slot or defective PCI-E video card. Also, verify the MSI video card into another known working system/pc with known working PCI-E Slot as well to determine the root cause of the problem. If the MSI card is defective then please refer to our website for manufacturer warranty request for the video card:

I am planning on returning my gpu card under warrenty in hopes that it will solve my problem

Happy Modding :wink:,


Just popping in to an old thread to update my situation. Not to long after this post my HDD went bad so that may have been a contributing factor. Upon buying a new HDD (and some more cooling fans) Gmod no longer lags, even at the highest settings and my game no longer crashes.