Small island prop/model request

I don’t know a bit about modeling, texturing…

ASK IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND what i wrote there.

2 sides (flip) means you can use any side of it.

This is possible.

But I am confused by your drawing.

How many islands to you want.

1 big one and 2 smaller ones as separate props.
or 3 islands as 1 single prop.

Now for sizing. I have no idea how to guess for this. Can you please go on a map and make a model out of cargo containers to give me an idea for model to player/world scale.

And is a flipped version needed as you can just turn it around. It will not look the same on flipped side as you cannot just click flip like in paint.

I want 1 island.
Size: compared to default HL2 citizen: (look above)
Yes, that is what i meant there by “Flip”, both sides look the same.