Small lua fix

Cant’t get this hook (function) working

hook.Add( "TTTPrepareRound", "Resetkill", function(ply)
		if TTTPrepareRound
			then ply:SetNWInt( 'KillNetInt', 0 )
		end )

The hook works fine, what is TTTPrepareRound in your if statement and is ply defined?
If not then look at this example code to help.

hook.Add("YourHook","UniqueName", function() --run code below when hook is called
	for _, ply in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do --get all players and loop through them
		ply:SetNWInt( 'kills', 0) --set each players networked int to 0

TTTPrepareRound doesn’t provide a ply argument. And delete the if statement, it’s useless.