Small Monster Hunter Tri monsters.

I was wondering if anybody is willing to port the small monsters from monster hunter tri. They would be cool to have since we already have all the bosses.

anybody willing to do it?

I was talking about the small monsters not the bosses.

Actually if you look in the packs they have miniature versions of each monster.

No, I’m talking about the small monsters.

Not smaller versions of the bosses.

Small Monster List:

Missing Boss models are

if no one is gonna do it then hell, id learn how to make models just for this, can someone please explain to me how if they want these models so i can make them

most of those monsters have been ported … baggi jaggi ludroth are all on garry’s mod … just type in monster on garry’s mod org :o

Sorry for the bump, but those are just the boss monsters. The ones I’m asking for the small monsters.

he’s talking about the smaller creatures in the game, like aptonoth, kelbi, bullfango those guys, NOT the boss monsters like Rathalos and lagiacrus

so anyone want to take this up, please?

this thread is seriously from 2012, its 2 years old, no one cares now

so? Someone might eventually, you just have to be patient.


Bumping it won’t magically bring it back to life. It’s still a dead thread, so please stop bumping it.

I’ll just go ahead and contact an admin to have this thread closed.

While it’s nice that you try to revive someone’s request, I don’t think there is much point. If you want these models made, why not make a new thread for them? :slight_smile: