Small monstertruck/mud bogger/crawler

Hi, I built a truck. It has live axel suspension, RPM limiter and a toggle-able handbrake. Mouse 1 increases the maximum rpm and mouse 2 does the opposite. Quite simple to drive, except when it flips over :v:


Sorry, no video :saddowns:

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The wheels look kind of bad, though. The solid black just doesn’t fit.

Original plan was to make it all black without a body, just a shiny black pipe frame. That’s why the rims are black like that :smile:

I like it, but I think you should have gone with bigger wheels.

Damnit pringles I was doing something like this. I agree with Mac too, the wheels just don’t fit for how much of a lift it has.

Nice truck though. C:

Srsly, RPM limiters are fun. I use 'em on most things now.

Yep, i just love putting batshit high torque and low rpm. Makes it easy to climb up rocks and stuff.

So tall…

Mud boggers are tall