Small pack of critters

Just threw this on the workshop - they’re ragdolls

A critter from mars war logs, dark sector, the mutant cat from clear sky as well as bog standard goat. ports/releasepicture/gm_construct0024.jpg[/t]
[t] ports/releasepicture/gm_black_v20000.jpg[/t]
[t] ports/releasepicture/gm_black_v20001.jpg

As always, would be gratefull for some cool release pictures.

Looks pretty nice

Pretty good, I might use the goat sometime.

Badd ass

that Tapir is ripped

Nice lil pack, great work c:

Made something with these while testing other models.

Nice work, always liked the look of the Mars: War Logs dogs.


Looks cool. Mind if I add it to the workshop page?

Also added in a rusalka if anyone is interested. The rigging is pretty wip but just went whatever. Should auto download.

Sure go ahead.

"When goats attack"

Update - since last time, a rusalka, a frost daemon and a daemon from DMC were added.

The frost daemon, picture courtesy of pvt.jenkins[/t]

the dmc one for reference