Small People... Big World

Someone needs to make a Gamemode where you have space maps such as New Worlds, but all the buildings are small, the people are small, and the ships are small. So instead of making a bigger map just make everything in the map small. Therefore, you have tons of space to fly around in and large planets to explore and populate. You wouldn’t have to worry about your ships not being able to fit or move much. The planets would stay the same size, but they would be able to have many small buildings that small people could fit in.

I can already see that if anyone wants to use the Daedalus, Ancient Cruiser, and Wraith Hive, from the upcoming Stargate update, they will not have much space to fly and fight or even land on planets.

I had the same idea before. Making small models will take forever.

It’s not that hard to recompile a model.

Or you can just scale them if you place them in-game.

I had an idea like this, expect everyone plays as a tiny person in a house or apartment building and you have to build to travel around and get food.

Hey, that’s actually quite a good idea. Gives another idea of a Survival Gamemode.

Yeah, that’d be sweet. We could pretty much make maps that seem to exceed the source limit by far. :smiley:

Thanks, I also wanted to have NPC citizens in it that try to kill you with fly swatters and things. then you would have to try in beat them or run away and hide.

Someone needs to start making maps and start shrinking models!
I like your idea too Jarico.

I remember someone doing this i’m not sure who it was… (Conna? Jetboom?) but they had a map the size of the source grid and used the Player Resizer code to scale the players down… makeing it look like the map was huge.

Couldn’t they just use code from the prop resizer tool to make the props smaller?

no prop resizer wouldn’t work because anyone would be not able to get inside.

This idea is nothing new, a lot of gamemode developers, including me, already use this technique.
For example, Conman’s Wipeout or Sunrise does this.

Jetboom had some stuff about it over at Nox forums.

Anyone on wiremod forums would know that there is a little project, bout a month old and dead.

I think this could probably be done. It would take a little while, but resized props and players, along with the building in spacebuild maps scaled, this would certainly work.

Anyone want to pick it up who hasn’t tried and failed at it?

EDIT: Hold on, so what are the problems with this? Obviously not everyone has done it.

scaling models with lua only changes them graphically. the colisions stay the same.

I had this idea the second garry announced player resizing


Check threads ive created for proof

So? Gmod ideas aren’t copyrighted or anything.