Small problem with Hammer, no grid, can't make blocks or anything.

Hello, It’s been a few year since i’ve used Hammer so I’m a bit clueless. I’m using the Valve Developer Community website as help.

Of course i’m having a little trouble starting my map. Normally you’d get four windows. One 3D and Three 2D with grids. Well the three 2D windows don’t have grids and i can’t create anything in them. Heres what they look like.

Anyone know whats wrong? It’s probably something stupid.


Try running EP2 through the 2009 version.

Which engine version / game are you using? Set it to source 2009 and ep2 and see if it will work. It should.

Only Portal and TF2 appear for the 2009 version.


Sorry, i should have seen the other threads, i see other people have had this problem.