Small problems in the Russian underground. Have found the infected corpse ( Metro 2033 )

That’s a lot of clean badges. It looks awesome but I have no idea what “the infected corpse” is.

Is this about [sp]The infection in the south part of the metro from Metro 2034?[/sp]

I’ve got no idea why, but the whole thing makes me think they are americans for some reason. Just getting the vibe of them.

Nice work, but where’s the infected guy?

I think I know why,
but being an American,
I don’t wanna say because It might be true to some massive extent.

You do know that not every “citizen” of the Metro is a armor bearing monster, right?

Just saying.

Pretty good otherwise.

Very cool, but I have to agree with Fussy! on the choice of models.

Marvellous color composition

On the couch.

Sorry, had to do it:

Regardless, Beautiful color composition as CK said.

Where’s Waldo?

Because there are a lot of people. In other words: Herring Party.

(In the event of somebody not undderstanding that, think about a can of hering.)

And that would make me think of americans why? Not sure I follow.

Great use of colour, I really like this. I do agree that there should be some unarmoured people if this is a safe zone.
By the way is this a scenebuild or a map?

is that a scenebuild, if not what is the map?

It’s a map. Props were added in though.

which map?
and i see a few of them are holding LMGs and there are a couple laying around, what is the link to that model? it looks useful


And the LMG is a PKM

Looks good but I would not crop the figures in the foreground as much as you did. The waist up is the most you’d want to leave in the image area. The gun on the table in the left is a bad tangent, the barrel of the gun looks like it’s stabbing through the man’s mouth since it’s perfect level with his head. The man in the way back in all black is another tangent that is pointing his fingers right through the man’s face.