Small short rant about no survival

I love the game, I love the devs, I love the dev blogs, I love the community, basically everything. Sadly tho, Rust has gotten boring. There’s nothing wrong with people taking a break and coming back to Rust later, but before I go, I’d like to give my thoughts on the game’s lacks of survival. I really think that’s what makes it so boring for me now. I’ve played a lot solo, and I’ve played a lot in groups, and it always ends with me getting bored an hour into playing.

There’s no grit, there’s no personality, there’s no survival or challenge. Currently, it’s all just various forms of grinding (especially raiding). Each time I start a new life on a server, I want that life to be unique and exciting, with a story about my struggle I can remember. The current version of the procedural map system is getting a bit stale as well, but I think dungeons will fix that.

Basically, I bought Rust for an oppressive, unmerciful survival experience from BOTH solo and group play, where it feels like even the whether is doing all it can to kill me. Currently it’s more like wandering around a sandbox full of assholes, hoping I’ll get that moment of RNG that gets me a gun from a barrel so I can have a little fun before I get bored.

So with that in mind, I hope the devs hold true to their plans to start focusing on stuff for early game and survivability. I will be first in line to come back and try it all out once that stuff is in! Until then tho, Rust just isn’t scratching that spot for me right now.

Basically:; We need the environment to be more hostile than any group of players can be.

Preach it brother

Gonna hate me for this, but get ready to hear the classic refrain.

It’s alpha.

I think the procedural dungeons are going to change the game substantially, once they’re in. As always, balance is a moving target and rarely the top priority.

We all cycle through levels of disinterest. I think a break is a good thing. Elix, I agree it’s alpha, and that balance is lower priority than many things. However, I’m assuming that statement was for the thread viewers. Most players willing to put in the efforts to write a multi paragraph post on the forums already know they are playing EA

You know that I know that. :happy:

It’s a mix of the current state of the game, development, and expectations. I don’t expect my post to do much other than let the devs know that I feel this way, and get a little of my disappointment out. It’s not about balance or features for me, it’s about how SLOWLY this game is transitioning from sandbox to survival.

I really can’t wait to explore those procedural dungeons tho, that definitely is going to help. One problem with procedural systems is that eventually people memorize the parts and just start seeing it for that. A good system is effective at blending things in a way that minimizes those effects.

I think I get where you’re coming from Thor.

It might just be that I’m more used to the game and ready for stuff now, but I used to be terrified when I first loaded into a server (talking Legacy days) that I would die somehow in the first couple minutes.

I remember the panic in the first couple minutes that I would freeze before I could start a fire or starve before I could kill an animal. Or a stupid zombie would instantly charge me. Or, I spend too much time in the open and get shot by a player.

I don’t really feel that panic about surviving anymore.

Yeah this is exactly what I’m talking about. I know that nobody wants to play the ‘Legacy was better’ crap that assholes used improperly, but essentially that is the biggest thing I miss from legacy and the most lacking in Rust’s current form. I miss that feeling A LOT.

Just for a little perspective for some people, in Rust I can guarantee that you’re more afraid of someone you don’t like getting your stuff than anything else, where in legacy you were more just afraid of losing your stuff, be it to a wolf, bear, zombie, radiation, starvation, cold, fall damage, drowning, or just getting lost and never finding your way back to “civilization”.

A friend of me told me axtly the same and I think too,
that the environment needs to be much more dangerous
and that this all got lost in Rust now. Sadly.

I mostly start Rust for Battle Royale matches now.

What do you guys think would get that feeling back? More damage/easier to take damage from cold? Hazardous weather you need to be indoors from to survive? More animals and more dangerous animals? “Other” NPCs?

Hot/cold being much more weather/shelter affected and tying into a much accelerated metabolism.
Debuffs based on your health, hot/cold, food/water bars.
Greater stratification between the current animals; health variance, damage variance, solo/pack behaviour and aggro range(and pursue persistence… “help me! this rad wolf has chased me for a full fucking lap of the ring road!!!”)
Broken legs (with the exact same sound from legacy cringe just thinking about it)
persistent limb damage debuffs (shot in arm or hand debuffs accuracy, broken leg adds limp even after healing +%5 debuff to speed and slopeclimb)
A non-serious suggestion would be the chance to choke(0.01%) when eating/drinking… “give a thousand men a glass of water, and one of them will choke”

Edit: Wordbrick.

A lot of time and effort has been put in to make Rust the platform, with excellent graphics and solid physics, but I think we’re still waiting for the game to be built on top of the platform. And the depressing part is that with all the time spent to get it to where it is, the environment feels lifeless and unresponsive… is there enough time outside of “perpetual alpha” to tackle that problem AND take care of everything else on the list?

So much effort, so many weeks and months of work have been devoted to making the game look and sound nice, from the rivers to the mountains to the biome blending… but I would happily go back to Legacy graphics or worse in exchange for a world with intelligent AI, dangerous weather, environment changes that can impact players and/or be harnessed for benefit, and the ability to impact the game world in ways other than littering it with cheap, ugly block structures.

Rust is a victim of our presumptuous imagination. We assumed it would aspire to more than a pretty sandbox for building and firefights using military weapons. I don’t think anyone can promise that will be the case.

Yeah, I’ve got to chime in here. I don’t play nearly as much as I used to, because like all games, sometimes it just gets old and you gotta step away for a few days / weeks / months. That’s not a dig on Rust, that’s just the way it is.

When I came back, I was surprised to see that not much had changed. I don’t know what I was expecting, but OP hit it on the head – the game is just a big continuous grind. I used to enjoy going all lone wolf and harassing more powerful players, but even that gets old after a few kills. What’s the point?

Yeah, I like the building and the exploring and the crafting. I’m looking forward to the dungeons and the scenery is beautiful. But damn, the game can get monotonous sometimes. Adding the ability to build a raft and float between islands would be great. More dungeons would be great. NPCs would be great.

part of the problem is while there adding monuments their adding them to all maps… so players have the well im gona chill by the sphere then go to the snow… it just need more peices that are rendomly placed in maps… not this “we need them all!” crap… and HELL YES to the broken legs… there was nothing better than the feeling of “holy shit thats a wolf!” and runing then falling and breaking your leg only to just barly kill the wolf… my adrenalin was pumping 48/14 when i played legacy and now its just “eh”

Never properly played legacy so I can’t comment on what is missing that legacy had. For me though I would love more early game challenge. I like the dungeons coming but more because it will direct the big groups of geared players somewhere away from me. I honestly have no interest in dungeons at the moment, I enjoy running around collecting resources and surviving not fighting.

But there lies the problem, getting resources is easy but long and boring. Outside of another player there’s nothing to worry about. Especially as I play quite late at night and the server only has 30 or so players on so most the time I know I can go run around and not be in any danger. I want the environment to try and kill me. I don’t mean choppers and drones, I mean animals, AI monsters, sudden storms that force me to build a quick shelter to build and protect my fire from the rain and sleet or get frozen to death. Whilst that stuff is hard to balance so it’s not instantly die over and over until you get lucky or most the time it’s easy unless you get unlucky it would add so much to early game.

Not only that but it would help people find other people. “Oh shit I’m being chased by a wolf dude help me” then you’d either make a friend or get shot but maybe they want a friend to help give them protection too. I dunno more threats that aren’t players and more interactions are always a good thing imo.

I agree though the game for me has gotten boring, I really hope garry works on more stuff like that for early and mid game. Don’t get me wrong I love the game and I’m not criticising or saying “do this or I quit”, I’ll be back eventually I’m sure but for now my plan is to no life fallout 4 then Starcraft 2 legacy of the void them some time around Christmas I’ll probably pop back on rust and play with any changes added between now and then. I’m sure by then I’ll enjoy it again and here will be new stuff to explore!