small stash is decaing?

i had few small stashes hidden in the foundation (i play on server with “/remove”). i put stuff into it several times a day. I woke up on saturday, turned on rust. i removed foundation and small stashes were gone with all what was inside. i will not cry after this stuff but i am courious how it was gone.

It is supposed to decay to prevent stuff like you did.
It is not supposed to be a standard stash, its for beginners to have a small hided stash where they can store their first resources until they get a base and the decay timer does not reset.

It disappears after 3 real days.



This ^ but that timer resets every time you dig it back in so unless you didn’t use them for 72 hrs they shouldn’t have decayed. I say decay here but it is not decay like buildings, it’s just a kill timer.