Small Stash item is a bit too good.

This will definitely help solo players a lot. You can bury it, becoming unseen to everyone. It takes about 6 seconds of staring to reveal the small stash which I highly doubt many would want to spend time on doing. It almost makes raiding not worth it if all the goodies are in a spot that you will never find. This item may be a little bit overpowered but oh well. Just the first day.

Totally agree here. I really prefered the way they were done in Legacy, you could see them right away but they were small enough and only showed at short range so they weren’t OP, just perfect. I didn’t like people abusing the door bug with them, but that’s another story.

They should at least leave some kind of indication on the ground, even if it’s barely visible. IRL if you burry something it’s gonna be very hard to make it totally hidden, you’ll see the ground is disturbed.

I think it can be remedied by making stashes only last a few hours before they either decay and break, or resurface.

Solo players rarely have any advantage, though, and the same goes for early game. Stashes bring a new mechanic in play: now you can actually have an advantage by stalking someone!

I love the new stashes. Finally as a newby, i can stash my stuff before I get into trouble.

It’s OP though. Heck I could basically not make a base now and nobody will ever find my stuff.

The item does decay. so you would have to keep replacing it.

Literally anything is good that even somewhat stops “it’s on two legs, shoot it” mentality.

Cool I’ll keep that in mind and make sure to update my NoDecay mod so it can be configured to not cancel the decay on that item. Seems to me not having decay on this item would be way way way too OP… and even with decay, it depends how long it lasts.

But lets be honest, it’s not gonna be solo players who use it. Big clans will just spam them around their base with goodies.

I’m going on an adventure!

Big clans will build a bunch of small bases in their gigantic walled-off base. They will bury small stashes filled with c4 and guns. Then, build a wood foundation over it with many attached foundations. Now the only way to get to those stashes is to choose the correct foundation and pick it apart.

This is a huge benefit to large clans. When they need to access their stash for a raid, they gather their clan mates and know exactly what foundation to pick.

I’m not making a judgement call, but I see this as a tremendous way to keep high tier loot safe for clans.

Wish they just made it like the legacy stash… and lootable if used in doorways :slight_smile:

I don’t see any problems here, especially if there is a reasonable (not a few hours, because then WTF is the point?) decay rate.

If you have to…

A) Remember where they are (yes, you can map, but who hasn’t lost 100 maps while being capped?)
B) Consistently find them and repair/replace them without being seen and capped while doing so

…they will quickly be deemed as "too much of a goddam hassle" by most moderate or large size clans. This is especially so after the first few times they lose a significant stash of C4 or two.

My favorite new pastime is going to be watching player activity from hilltops and then swooping in to steal their shit. Beyond this, I’ve got plenty of 6-second intervals of time available in my life to stop and scan likely areas. It’ll be more than worthwhile when I can occasionally find some Easter eggs stashed away.

I don’t think this will be able to be abused whatsoever due to the risk in losing your shit at a consistent rate. It instead, opens up another dimension in making surveillance a worthwhile activity. You might want to case out a base for a few days to the alternate strategies you have in place now.

We’re all playing a game where people will not hesitate to stand in one spot and spam pickaxes on a wall until it finally breaks, every god damn day of their lives, and you’re all worried that it’s too much hassle to stare at obvious hiding spots? wat.

Small stashes are nice because you have a chance to not lose everything.

I think these could be fairly easy to balance. First make it so if it’s built on top of its destroyed and everything it is destroy. Second make the decay rate pretty quick so they can’t be used to hide stuff in the long term, maybe just a few hours whilst you’re off gathering other things before building and don’t want to lose what you’ve already got (which I believe is the whole point of this item) and thirdly make them take a minute or two to open and close in which point you’ll be vulnerable (because it takes time to bury something and dig it up). All this would nullify them being abused by big clans, make it easier to defend for a new player with a bow (just wait until they’re looting and headshit) and would overall make it for the role it was implemented for.

I would say make it unbuildable on top but then you just run round with a building plan until t randomly turns red and you’d know it was there.

do not agree with the author. like in real life, you can bury your goodies and nobody will find, if you are careful or а lucky random stumbled upon them. a new element to the game - you have to follow the guy to figure out where he hides his stuff. be stealth and smart)

I think they should limit the stash amount to one per person. I know this goes against the thinking of rust but fuck it the game needs change on so many fronts that this is just a minor issue.

The new feature isn’t even properly tested yet by the players, and there’s already a topic that sais it’s too good 2 days after it has been introduced.

Stop with your nerf whining and let people enjoy this game for fuck’s sake.