Small Stash tips

Hey folks, checked the wiki and saw that stashes are destructible. Is there also a decay timer on them?

I’m still pretty new and learning the game but I had the bright idea to hide three stash bags outside my hut in random spots of the wild. I THOUGHT they were well hidden and well out of the way of foot traffic. But now they’re gone. Not sure if someone scored my stuff or decay got them. I last accessed them about 14 hours ago so I don’t think they would have decayed but maybe so.

Did someone seriously luck upon my 3 stashes? That’s amazing if so. I find stuff like this less frustrating and just amazing about the game. Adds so much to the experience!

Decayed. If they are not on a foundation they decay rapidly.

Wow, any idea what the decay rate is? Think 14 hours could have got them? And does decay reset if you access an item or is it cumulative with no reset?

Edit to add: They were last accessed 14 hours ago, but they’ve been placed for 2, maybe 3 days.