Small update to rust?

When i got up this morning there was a small update to rust just wondering what changed and where the patch notes are?

How can you tell there is/was an update? i cant ever seem to figure it out on steam lol.

When the game needs to download lol

I started mine - no update that i can tell?

Wish there was a version number somewhere…ok something that says “updated”… nothing

There is… ingame. even the date and time of the update.

so no patch notes for you either brex?

Ahhh lol didnt realize that wasnt todays date / time info! :slight_smile:

mine still says 1/24…

best way to check for updates in steam is via the download manager. it shows recent downloads, which will reveal patches. i got no patch though. i was excited when i saw this thread…

its been a week and a half since the last update :frowning:

i would think an alpha would have small updates every other day

There is no update, please stop making these threads and opt out of the dev version if you don’t want random updates