Small WW2 Collection

I’ve been making some WW2 images lately on Gmod. These in particular took me a lot of time and effort to complete, and also a lot of struggle with my PC because at one point, it starts to freeze for a lot of time and it’s really frustrating. Anyway, I know these have a lot of flaws and strange lighting but I did my best, feedback is welcome:

I’m going to leave these as bonuses since they don’t look as good as the ones above but still took me a lot of time and effort:[/IMG_thumb][IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb][IMG_thumb]

I really like this one

Give it some more subtle outlining of the dudes under and it would be absolutely perfect.

Also I’m gonna need the source for that Pz4 in the first picture.

Red Orchestra 2, it was on an old SVN that had all the weapons + some more stuff and the tanks, I don’t know if it’s still up. If not, I can upload the pack to Mega of Mediafire (it also includes the characters and the Tiger comes with the interior too)

Fucking yes please