Smaller FastDL Files

I know this is a stupid question (depends on how you view it :p) But is there any way that you could convert directories (such as models and materials) into a more compressed file for the FastDL? I wouldn’t like for clients having to sit at the loading screen taking ages to download everything for my server.

Bzip2 compress each individual file

bzip each file, or use the workshop. I recently put some content (materials/models) on workshop, and it compressed about 20 files totalling 4mb, into 1 download of 287kb which is about 7% the size.

I could easily google this but I wanna make sure. How would I upload this to the workshop? What did you use yourself?

addon creation Here you go this should tell you how to add files to the workshop.
then it’s a simple matter of a Workshop.lua file in “/lua/autorun/server”
it would look roughly like

resource.AddWorkshop("160469454") --

The numbers should be the Workshop ID of the content (I copied and pasted this from my server if your wondering what it is)

If you have a FastDL, don’t go with WorkshopDL. I can give you a thousands of reasons why FastDL is far more superior than WorkshopDL.

Get bzip and compress the files. Saves you up to 66% in most cases :slight_smile:

Workshop has bandwidth limits and may sometimes be under heavy load, while a private FastDL hosted on a 100Mbit network connection will maximize everyone that joins download speed.

So after compressing these files I’d upload the files to the FTP (server) then set the resource.AddFile to the file location yes? Can I convert all of these files in a folder to a bzip?

No, each separate file needs to be in a .bz2.

You don’t want to upload the .bz2 files to the game server, you want to upload it to your web-host…