Smaller nuke

This is a request for a nuke (swep and sent) for use mostly in space battles, for the SBEP community.

I would love to see a nuke that does NOT have a HUGE blast radius that un-welds everything on the map. It’d be nice to have one that only effects a small bubble that would be about the size of… say 4 or 5 medbrige pieces in length for unweld, and 10-12 medbridge pieces for a kill zone. It’s fun to use nukes in space, just as long as they don’t blow your stuff up too.

Pretty much, the teta bonita style nuke launcher would be great. As well as a sent missile and a sent bomb.

Sent missile would probably be best to use with a sent missile launcher. Silo?

Bomb rack to drop the bomb?

The term “smaller nuke” is almost an oxymoron, really. What you’re asking for is a small sizable explosive device.

Not really. Realistically, it would be a small nuke. Nukes are not all the same size explosion.

I’m asking for a nuke that is tiny for blowing up ships in space battles.

You’re asking for an explosive device, not a nuke. You’ve seen too many movies, watched too many video games, or a combination of the two. Do you really think anyone uses a nuke to destroy a vehicle?

A space craft about the size of a city, actually.

If you’re not going to be useful, please leave.

Hmm, I like it
I get what you mean, you want a smaller nuclear explosion that unwelds props in a smaller radius
Similar to the mini nuke from fallout 3

Also a nuke dosent nesecarily need to be huge like hiroshima.
an explosive device that uses a nuclear reaction to achieve any level of destruction is termed a nuclear device
small nukes do exist in reality aka, a tactical nuke.


Since you’re gonna be using a nuke in space, they’re not supposed to work very well they only destroy the ship they hit since there is nothing to transmit the shock wave. So i simple modification of the existing nuke would be possible, i’ll look into it, but not till the new year sorry.


Not quite, the yield depends on the amount of and quality of the Plutonium or Uranium you’re using and as i said above they don’t work well in space so it’s very plausible to use a nuke to destroy a single ship.

You’re saying the explosive force wouldn’t be in space? How do you explain how ships move then?


Type nuke_ in console, look for command that seems like it’d lower it, can’t remember and my computer with gmod is broken

And there’s another nuke_breakconstraints or something like that, set it to 0 if you don’t want welds to go off

Thrust still works in a vacume Facehugger, there is just no atmosphere to transmit a shockwave to another object, so DrFatty is right. To acheive the thrust space vehicles burn fuel, creating an explosion, the residue from the burnt fuel is propelled fired in the opposite direction to comply with newton’s third law (I think) and this pushes the ship along. A lot of the things you see in movies and games to do with space are wrong (e.g. there is no sound in space on account of there being no air). So there, your patronising science lesson for the day, it is probably innaccurate anyway. But I do like the idea of the addon.

Oh and Andrewmcwatter, dont be a twat, he’s talking about a spaceship and space warfare, he’s obviously not trying to be realistic.

Er? Where does that come from? Much of a nuke’s destruction force, or any large explosive, is transmitted by the shockwave it produces. There is no air in space to produce a shockwave. The only thing that would carry the force of a bomb outward in space would be its own debris, or the debris of anything it destroyed

But why would that prevent a spaceship from moving?

Oh fooey. What’s the term? Ninja’d?

Bah, no more about physics. I just want a small nuke.

We’re talking about physics relations here because this is a physics sandbox game. The better a developer can program the entities/weapons for you, the better the experience.

In a related matter, such devices have never actually been used. So their application is purely theoretical, no wonder why it’s used in video games.

Also, nukes in space is just funny. You know nothing about physics.

Someone just write him a really big grenade based-entity, toss in a util.BlastDamage with a side of util.ScreenShake, and be done with it.

Would you kindly leave and take your smart-assery with you?

Nukes in space- cool. Physics of it in real life? Doesn’t work, so far as we know.

I suppose you’re going to tell me that Star Wars sucks because there are sounds in space, which physics won’t allow. But guess what? it’s fucking awesome! Would you rather watch the space fighting scenes with absolutely no sound aside from music?

Humans have lost all hope.

If you’re using RayFanMan’s nuke sweps TYPE NUKE_ IN CONSOLE; LOOK FOR COMMANDS.

Never heard of RayFanMan.

Are you using Nuke Pack something, or another addon like GBombs, or something else?

I’m using teta bonita’s nuke sweps.

Yes. I found it elegant when presented as such in the Star Trek movie, Star Wars should adapt.