smaller pub servers might be advisable

its a fact the current pub servers that number from 100 - 200 player count are simply too congested for what amounts to a community of pubs (if it were private servers people tend to band together more so less land is used , but in pubs the opposite is true more fractured bands dot the landscape).

I like the pub setting , there are 4 times the bandits , but the bandits dont come in groups of 10 -20 like they do in private servers, and they aren’t all wearing kevlar. (like they are in private servers) the bandits in pubs are beatable , ive had to face 3 bandits in open combat with nothing but a pistol and won because the gear difference wasn’t massive and i could use tactics and geometry to my advantage.

but the pub servers have massive resource availability problems , and while a few bandits is fun and challenging , meeting bandits every hour and either dying because you dont have the resources at the start or wasting all your ammo on them , is excessively frustrating. that trio of bandits i killed was fun , but then i was killed by ANOTHER group of bandits … and then oddly enough that group was wiped out by ANOTHER group too, and then when i was running past … said victor was engaging another group of bandits. there were more gun shots than fire works at the fouth of july , it was absolutely obnoxious.

and these weren’t kevalar peeps , it was 4 groups of pistol and shotgun wanks in cloth armor.

the level of absurdity right now is a bit extreme

So stop playing on official servers and start playing on community servers, like BBNH. :slight_smile:

nice advertisement but you dont understand , i want bandits , i like that atmosphere in pub with 50+ hostile morons trash talking you , the satisfaction when putting them down is immeasurable ,
but there is just too many of them.

but private servers have a different atmosphere , they tend to be more built up people tend to be in large Heavily armed groups in massive citadels.

you cant fight that.

so community servers arent all that attractive either.

hence why i asked for smaller pub servers