i saw one of those made of metal on a PvE server… idky they did it. but anyway, looks cool AND is well protected.

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its not unraidable as you have a pillar right infront of the door that the storage box is on, i can get onto that and blow the door off.

This is possibly the worst “unraidable” base i’ve ever seen. This would take 1 spike wall to get into lol

Build 1 Gateway, Exterior foundation and stairs, use the gateway as a bridge to the door. C4. Done.

Unraidable has been raided.

Here are mine

#3 is about to go up soon. Nothing is unraidable.

@infusednz Those are some nice bases, nothing is unraidable but that’s a pretty lock tight design

Cheers buddy. I’ve got a new one coming… the starfish. It’s pretty good :slight_smile:

I have an unraidable base design i’d like to share.

Run for 2 hours north east. Nobody will ever find it. Unable to find = unraidable. At this distance you can even use all metal for guns since you dont need doors. Or friends.

Not a good idea. This house suck.

Unraidable is the new unsinkable

I have an idea I tested out for unraidable 1x1. I gave up making it because you have to get the foundation in the perfect place. So if you stuff it up you have to wait or move server. It’s along the lines of dying to get into it style base.

Anyway you find a deep hole(there is only one I know)with rock on all sides. You build the 1x1 and you can either do the box through the door glitch or leave a wall free so you can access the box from above once you’re inside the 1x1(so you leave a slight gap between the rock). Basically if you set it up right the only thing you see is the ceiling which ends up looking more like a foundation. So the ceiling is basically plugging a hole.

I made it ok but I didn’t get the foundation in the exact spot so you could still blow a wall out and just fit through but if I had moved it over slightly I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t get in. I don’t think it allow a sleeping bag to be placed inside from outside either. It’s main downfall though was it could be griefed with grenades.

There might be other spots around the map to make it but I had a good look and only really found one suitable place. But yeah if the foundation goes wrong or the pillar doesn’t place right(cause one goes through rock)then you’re stuffed.

3rd floor height suicide base is raidable by spikes wall
the only unraidable is to build 6 th floor height suicide base which require some tricks to get access to box ,also require lots of resources to build pillars

EDIT it cant prevent flying hackers but its unraidable for normal legit players

currently ,the only safe way to store item is to glitch inside rock and seal off the entrance

It’s not a question of raidable. It’s a question of how much c4 do you want someone to waste. The recent patch has made my new design take around 80 c4.

Very unrealistic for most people. It’s been standing for 3 weeks now without being touched.

There is no such thing as a unraidable base because I just experience a group just spam over 50 C4 on my base.

Not unraidable - as you can see in the thread, there are a variety of ways to get up to that door and blow it open.

It is a base that can’t be raided by C4 alone. This base design is a remnant from the days where duping was common in rust, and thus was designed to make something that you couldn’t get into simply by virtue of having a LOT of c4.

Its always a risk vs reward thing.

Sure no base is unraidable… but I would never spend more then 8 C4 on a base unless I was positive I was going to get a return on it. (I knew they had more C4 inside, or tons of guns/ammo etc…

this base - easy raidble.
central pillar under visor = have 3 floors.

Method: Build foundation to 4 floors, place baricade with angle, jump from barricade on 3-floor pillar under visor, place c4, ???, profit.

If you dont know - How raid - you problem.

Show me unraidble base and i raid it.

And yes. This bases uber-easy raidble for cheaters :slight_smile: Cheater just need to jump/fly on Door and place under - c4.

Wana show me unraidble base? Go to server, where I play. and I show - how to raid this.