Smart House *WIP*

Title says it all. Been working on this Smart House for a few hours. Before you ask; “What makes it smart?” It’s a fucking transformer. That’s what. It is about 70% complete. Still got a lot of work on the interior and roof swimming pool to do.

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Leave creative criticism as you wish.

That door…?
So tiny.

Aye. It’s very hard to get the right measurements with things from looking at a computer generated photos.

Is it a Decepticon or Autobot? :v:

On a more serious note, the front wooden door does not fit with the rest of the smart house. I like the contemporary design and I’m assuming that those windows will be transparent when you’ve done the interior!
There’s not that much that I can criticize since it’s not finished and I don’t know what you have planned for it.

Yeah, I realise now since you have pointed it out that it does not fit the theme. I think i’ll make the entire house cut in half, and that is how you can get in :v: No but seriously, I will work on a better door. And yes, the windows are only like that because the entire interior is no-draw and there is no lighting within.

Not really , I can instantly tell what the proportions are with the image ; you’ve got it almost twice as big as it should be. Look at the gap between the door top and the bottom of the first balcony. Not that big. In yours , the gap is almost as big as the door itself!

To decrease the size of the gap between the door and the balcony would mean increasing the size of the balcony. At it would become that big, a giant could fit on it. It would then un-scale the rest of the house.

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It could be fixed, but I would have to completely re-do the house.

It might be a good step to re-do the house. You know how it all fits together, so you can improve any faults, get the scale perfect, rethink texture choices if needs be.

Depends if you fancy putting the hours in, I guess!

I am considering this. Alternatively I might make a brush work big glass sliding door and see if that makes it look a little better. I will experiment.

The glass door on the higher balcony is too far to the left.

Already fixed that in the latest version.

Did anyone else think of the movie that was on Disney channel when you saw smart house and thought someone was replicating the one from the movie?


Oh right.