"Smart" NPC's/SNPC's

I was Wondering if anyone could create (or send me a link to) an addon that spawns NPC’s that basically do what they want. this includes walking wherever at random, making their own Relations (as in the NPC relationships) by what model the other Players/ NPC’s are (like in Player Factions),and by what other Players/ NPC’s have done. yes i am in basic terms asking for a “Smart” AI for a NPC.

I have seen something that did this but not exactly, and i cannot re-locate it. it was called RP-NPC’s or something.

:science:Mad props to the person who makes this (if there is not something like it already)

As far as I know, in Lua. This isn’t possible.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think it is.

What you are looking for is learning AI, this can be done with Artificial Neural Networks. If you create your own node system you can make a simple search algorithm to navigate the map. But what you are asking for is basically an artificial sentient being, which has yet to be invented.

I’ll let Chris Turk explain this for you:

All of that is perfectly possible. The difficulty of creating this depends of how much you allow the AI to cheat. It would also be hard to make them appear smarter then regular NPCs, even if they had everything you mentionned.

Kinda like if npc001 is within npc002 radius go to distance of number facing forward. then perform animation and then walk off to unlimited random locations until new npc radius is found.

Hard coding a set of behaviors isn’t quite the optimal solution for this problem.

Artificial Neural Network + Unsupervised Learning = :haw:


okay here are basic tools that have been created that can give this effect.


all i was asking for was some IMPROVED version of the RP npc’s, that utilized some of these other tools. i am not asking for a BOT.

anyone willing :sweatdrop:, able :f5:, or scared :byodood: (points at above link)?